Using new workers trained on the Service Rig Trainer is like getting a worker with six months experience.
(These are the) best prepared new workers ever to set foot on a service rig.
~ Shawn Primosch
  - Rig Manager, Concord Well Servicing

With their Service Rig Trainer, Coole Immersive has implemented what should become a key element of leading edge modern training for the Petroleum Industry.
~ Katrin Becker, Ph.D.
Coole Immersive

Online Training Process

Coole Immersive also develops and maintains online training test utilities that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. If you have a need for quality assured competency assessment then Coole Immersive Quiz and Test Services can exceed your goals and those of your students.

train anywhere
  • Students can train anywhere
  • Administration can be done anywhere
  • Training is hosted by Coole Immersive
  • Desktop or mobile, we customize as needed

video based training
  • Video based training
  • Media production services

immersive training simulation
  • Custom 3D simulations

Customized online quizzes
  • Administer quizzes to trainees

quiz progress tracking
  • Track student progress through courses
  • Completion certificates for students