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There are enormous costs associated with the unnecessary repair and replacement of Service Rig equipment due to a lack of regular, proper maintenance. Developed to complement Coole Immersive’s Service Rig Training program, Service Rig Field Maintenance can help you minimize these costs.

After first providing a foundational understanding of the many systems found on a service rig, Coole Immersive’s Service Rig Field Maintenance then builds on that foundation with carefully designed, guided maintenance procedures.

Developed with industry subject matter experts, and using cutting edge 3D modeling, animation and gaming technology, workers are systematically presented with the proper methodology for performing maintenance procedures on a service rig. With no risk to themselves, other crewmembers or the equipment, they perform the procedure by interacting with the accurately recreated apparatus. A virtual coach looks over their shoulder to correct their errors and offer advice.

Real time content updates ensure every learner has access to the most complete, up to date information available, consistently providing your workers with exactly the procedures you expect them to perform, protecting both your equipment, and the environment.

In addition to being an excellent primary training tool for new workers being exposed to service rig equipment for the first time, Coole Immersive’s Service Rig Field Maintenance is designed to be used as an ongoing, on-site reference manual, helping ensure a consistent, company - and subject matter expert - approved approach to maintenance. As such, ideal candidates range from new hires to experienced workers, as the training program standardizes the basic processes used for equipment maintenance.

Learners don't just see maintenance being performed, they actually perform the process in a virtual environment. This gives the learner visual and tactile reinforcement of their new knowledge, resulting in a higher retention rate and a better, more efficient and competent worker.

Well-trained and well-informed workers are more confident, take more initiative, and make fewer costly mistakes. Coole Immersive’s Service Rig Field Maintenance provides an effective, consistent maintenance training solution, enabling your workers to get the most out of their equipment.

SRFM offers the following features and benefits: