Coole Immersive


Would you be comfortable flying on a 747 if the pilot had never trained in a flight simulator? Most people would say no. New students in any field are bound to make mistakes; for pilots, those mistakes should be made using a flight simulator rather than real equipment. It's easy to see how using a flight simulator to train pilots can save millions of dollars and possibly hundreds of lives. Other types of safety-sensitive equipment are no different; learning to master equipment before getting to the job-site can save time and money, and most importantly, prevent the potential human costs of workplace incidents.

In addition to immersive environments controlled via a standard computer interface (ie. mouse and keyboard), Coole Immersive also produces hardware based simulations. These immersive environments are controlled via the actual hardware used in the field, in much the same way a flight simulator allows pilots to gain experience with the actual controls of a plane, experiencing situations that would be far too dangerous to train accurately in reality. This marriage of real world situations and real world controls engages the learner in precisely the scenario he or she will find when they get on the job site. Real world experience is gained in the safety and control of a virtual training environment.

Like all our products, our Hardware Based Simulators combine state of the art technology, contemporary learning theory, professional instructional design, creative game design, and experienced subject matter experts and writers to produce a superior product with excellent usability standards.