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As industry becomes more knowledge-based and global competitiveness increases, the demand for trained workers continues to grow more rapidly than the pool of available workers. Increasing technological complexity in the workplace means it is more critical than ever for trainees to be able to demonstrate their competency to perform critical tasks safely and effectively, to an industry-defined standard. Many federal regulations require employers to demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been implemented to ensure their workers are capable of performing their jobs competently and safely.


Regulatory pressures, dangerous work environments, high-turnover rates, foreign workers language needs, expensive assets and ever more complex jobs require an efficient, effective training tool that addresses the learning style and requirements of young, visual employees. What weve always done isnt good enough anymore!


What if you could consistently train your workers faster and more efficiently? What if your training could save more lives? What if your staff could learn from their mistakes before they cost you thousands or even millions of dollars? Well that’s precisely what Coole Immersive’s innovative “Immersive Learning” can do!

Studies have shown that in a lecture style environment, a learner might retain as little as 5% of a program’s content. In a blended learning environment, that figure can be pushed into the 90% range!

Coole Immersive specializes in customized, interactive training products, accurately immersing workers in real-to-life work situations using technologies most commonly associated with video games.

Coole Immersive’s innovative training enables workers to learn in a safe environment at an accelerated pace, increasing retention, confidence and most importantly competence.

This truly is “learning evolved”. 

Employing an innovative, proprietary risk analysis matrix, we work with teams of industry subject matter experts, breaking worker’s jobs down into individual tasks. Each task is analyzed for importance, difficulty and relative risk, before being re-assembled into best-practice work methods.

Coole Immersive’s model is built on five cornerstones of effective training systems:

Using a combination of traditional learning methods and advanced, first person video-game technology, our programs allow your staff to do SO much more than just learn about their job.

Workers will demonstrate competence by performing the tasks expected of them before EVER stepping foot on your job-site.

Every user’s performance is tracked on our servers, so you have a permanent record of who has trained on what, and maybe even more importantly, who has demonstrated COMPETENCE in any given task.

The training can be done almost anywhere and requires minimal supervision, freeing up your experienced staff to do the revenue generating work they’re trained for.

Competence and confidence will soar as workers interact with the virtual jobsite, and gain an understanding of the context of what’s expected of them.

Coole Immersive’s competency based programs ensure a consistent and effective training standard for your staff. New workers will be productive sooner, and everyone will have a greater understanding of what’s expected of them. Consequently, safety and earnings will be maximized as downtime shrinks.

As a worldwide leader in innovative, competency based training, Coole Immersive is the cutting edge of accelerated learning, combining video, animation, quizzes and gaming simulations to create the most realistic and comprehensive competency-based training experience available. 

We’re excited to develop new and effective products for your industry!

Contact us today to discuss how our innovative programs can benefit your organization.