Coole Immersive


Heavy industries like Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction share some unique characteristics and challenges. Driven by regulatory requirements and the need to optimize productivity in a competitive marketplace, employers are increasingly striving to implement competency-based training programs to address these challenges.

Using the same powerfully engrossing techniques that fuel entertainment games, Industrial Games provide learners with the ability to explore and review industrial settings in ways that minimize learning time and maximize retention and safety. Industrial Games are changing the landscape of what is possible in the world of learning, preparing, and understanding, ensuring all students have the ability to experience and perform job activities in a safe, controlled learning environment before tackling the real world by presenting information in an easy-to-understand, multi-modal format. Damage to costly equipment, injuries, and loss of life can be drastically reduced through the training provided by Industrial Games. After completing one of Coole Immersive's industrial training simulations, students will have the necessary knowledge to transition from a realistic training environment to the workplace without the financial and physical risks attached to on-the-job learning.

What can Industrial Games do for you?