Coole Immersive


In an industry where time is money and every second counts, experienced workers are paramount to the success of a company. Drilling companies invest enormous sums into equipment to make the drilling process more efficient. As equipment gets more complex, so too does the necessary training. Now more than ever, there is a widening gap between the learning provided by traditional training methods and the demands of ever more complex systems. The solution to this conundrum is the Drilling Rig Top-Drive Simulator (DRTS). Developed with industry subject matter experts, DRTS is a state of the art drilling simulator designed to improve the training process, decrease training costs, and help workers maintain their skills, even when access to real equipment is unavailable.

Using much the same competency-based model as our Service Rig Training, Coole Immersive’s Drilling Rig Top-Drive Simulator allows workers to learn in a safe environment at an accelerated pace, increasing retention, confidence and most importantly competence. Providing realistic experience at the controls of an automated drilling rig, Coole Immersive’s Drilling Rig Top-Drive Simulator is used in conjunction with a control panel mirroring the functionality of the ones used in the field by the end user, providing even greater realism in training.

DRTS uses a state-of-the-art 3D engine to simulate real world conditions, combined with the latest in automation technology to create a real-to-life learning environment. The result is the safest, most realistic and most cost effective environment for your workers to train in. New hires, transfers from other companies or existing workers wanting to move up can all benefit from DRTS.

DRTS offers the following features and benefits: