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Cutting Edge 3D Training Simulations

Coole's vision is to make the world safer, healthier and more productive through the development of immersive training programs. Coole develops immersive training programs that empower organizations to train people better. Our immersive training is computer based, simulation enhanced, interactive training that is lower cost, faster, safer, more effective and more consistent; people learn and retain more from doing than from being told what to do. Simply put, Coole makes training fun, safe and effective. Our immersive training incorporates state-of-the-art simulation technologies and sophisticated work method design methodologies to deliver superior competency based training. Our training development is focused on:

Coole can develop cost effective, custom training programs, leveraging existing curriculum, using state of the art simulation technology, subject matter experts, senior instructional designers, adult education specialists and sophisticated work method design tools to deliver world class immersive competency training that can be a strategic tool for any organization.

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